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NYC since the 1991, Tower Sign brings more than 30 years of the experience in design, sign manufacture & installation. It began as a hand-crafted signage shop of the high-quality for indoor and outdoor signage. We story-tell through creative concepts provide all signs.


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Among many criteria, our studio has the must have an advanced execution level regarding variability

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We awarded by high institute of arts entertainment for our consistency & professionalism.


We're World’s Best Signage Solution Provider in NYC

We are a full-service, industry-leading NYC awning companys, with experience installing and designing signs, storefront glass, and more. We work with you through all the steps involved in getting your brand’s sign up and running.

3D LED Display Signage

LED displays are application specific solutions

Various Digital Displays

We make it complete digital signage solution

Fully Software Solutions

Fully Digital signage to certain businesses

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Who we are

Tower Sign, The Best Sign Company in NYC

We are a rapidly growing organization that is expanding swiftly month by month and year by year. We are at the forefront of a revolution in the digital signage innovation. We offer the most powerful & advanced digital signage platforms in the industry.

Together with our diverse partner network, we deliver targeted, immersive and dynamic content creatively aligned with interests.


Who we are

Leading Among The Top Digital Companies

We understand that each brand is different and hence we have a dedicated team of designers who listen to your custom needs. Our qualified management team ensures that only top-quality fabrics and other raw materials are used in the making of your sign and awning.

Our production team comprises skilled technicians who make certain that every finished product is as per your original design and delivered within the stipulated time and budget.


Who we are

Improve Brand Reputation

If you have multiple store outlets across the city, or even across states, you would, of course, love to see people recognizing your brand just by the logo that stands out. In this fast-moving business world, it is not enough to have your logo printed just on your products.

You must make it visible through well-placed and well-thought-out awning signs. When customers see your logo flashing highly and mightily, they know that they are in the presence of a reputed brand. Our designers use patterns that sell your brand just by being out there on the awning all the time.

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Who we are

Attract Your Customers

Business is all about getting more customers, is it not? And for that to happen, you must also look at the aesthetics of your store. Whether it is a supermarket or a small vestibule selling communication equipment, every store must look appealing to a prospective customer. This is where a well-designed, custom awning sign can make an impact. When you work with us, we ensure our team of esteemed graphic designers provides you with signs that make your storefront stand out.

This is especially valuable if your store is located in a congested city like New York. People should not have to look at the address to find your store. Your sign would be enough to guide them from afar.

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We’ve complied the list of frequently asked questions to help you along the way to obtain higher performance

Why i should choose your company?

Tower Sign, Awning & Glass Co. is a NYC awning company and glassworks specializing in commercial signage, custom signs, canopies, glass storefronts, and much more! We have been in business in New York City since 1991, and take pride in providing local businesses with full-service sign and glass services.

What material can I use for my sign?

The best sign for any business is one that will attract the most customers and give your a business the correct identity.

Please visit our branch finder page and contact nearest sign maker to discuss your requirements.

What other services do you provide?

We Now Are Providing High-Quality Custom Designed Sneeze Guards, Protective Shields & Social Distancing Stickers For All Local Businesses.

How quick is your service turnaround?

We handle everything from the custom design to productions and installations quickly and save your time.

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