Awnings & Canopies

We install awnings and canopies

Our New York City awnings and canopies are available for installation in a variety of materials ranging from vinyl, fabric, aluminum, fiberglass, glass and illuminated awnings. All of our awnings are custom made in our shop with aluminum or galvanized steel framework and top quality materials. We specialize in residential and commercial awnings.

New York City awnings and canopies are great ways to extend your patio spaces, especially at least for the hot summer days when you will likely spend outside your home… Have you decided to expand the home exterior? An awning is going to offer a much more durable and beautifully looking solution than the patio.

A window awning will protect your home from harsh weather like rain and sunshine. This is all the while allowing fresh air because you won’t have to fear that rain is going to enter through the window if you left it open. Enjoy our New York City canopy and awning installation services, keeping your patio furniture creative and impressive without having to fear that rain or sun will damage it.

The size of the awning installation will be your decision to make whether you are eyeing a solution just for mere decoration or a solution to protect windows and outdoor furniture in the patio. And it doesn’t matter whether you live in extreme winter climates or summer climates because we will design and install the awnings in consideration of these situations. For instance, retractable awnings for summer will be made to allow sun in during winters, and they are the best consideration for places that have extreme and more prolonged winters.

We can install switches, motors, and wind and sun sensors to make your awning retractables fully responsive to the climate conditions. As an experienced awning and sign company, we understand the styles that could blend with your home decor.

Tower Sign Awning & Glass Co offers installation services for custom New York City awnings and canopies. If you are the person who loves and dreams about colors, then the awning window solutions made of fabric should be your type. Although they will require more maintenance work than the aluminum types, they provide the shade in style since the color can be matched to your liking and home theme.

If you love awnings & canopies and do not have lots of time left on your schedule after work and family, then the aluminum awning installation is more preferable because it comes with minimal maintenance requirements. In addition to the material make and color, the design and style are of great importance.

Speaking about color choices, you can also select a color that blocks harmful UV and excess heat from entering your home and stay healthy if you live in areas of extreme sun. Most homeowners will go for an awning window solution because of the heat menace – just in search of shade. However, since intense sunshine and rainwater can have as many negative impacts on furniture as they would have on private areas in the house, you would want an awning that is large enough to be able to protect the furniture.

By protecting your home from extreme cold weather, you will find that your bills lessen even while you enjoy a more comfortable stay in your house. As a leading New York City awning and canopy service, Tower Sign & Awning will design and install awnings that are easier to maintain later on.