Custom Signs

We are a NYC custom sign shop that offers full-service design and installation services for neon signs, carvings, channel lettering, glow signs, lightbox signage, push-through lettering, and corporate directory signs.

A commercial sign is an essential part of your business. This is a tool that will tell your customers that you are offering such services in the neighborhood. Your commercial sign will tell your prospects and clients about your brand. Here at Tower Sign, Awning & Glass Co., we make commercial signs possible for all businesses. We are a major awning and sign company that you will find in the metro area. We have been in continuous business since 1991. Our company is now supplying high quality and highly innovative fabric and sign products to our clients. If your business needs custom neon sign installation services, we are just a call away.

Why choose Tower Sign, Awning & Glass Co.?

We are guided by our founding principles

We are a NYC custom sign shop built on the founding principles of providing our customers with high-quality products at reasonable and competitive prices while aiming to give unparalleled service. We are a sign company that doesn’t just focus on providing the normal sign installation services for customers. We ensure to deliver services that are far beyond what’s expected. Our founding principles help us perform our promises to our clients. It’s what makes us a leader and we are very proud of it.

We make a custom sign for business


Whatever your business needs, we can give it to you. We can make your imagination happen. We make a custom sign for business depending on your preference and style. If you want a major sign that is very visible to the public, we can make it happen. If you want a custom sign for a business that will complement your existing sign, you can talk to us about it. In this kind of service, the sky is your limit. You are free to communicate what type of business you are expecting so our staff will know what to deliver.

We offer innovated best sign installation services

Our NYC custom sign shop doesn’t focus only on making signs for businesses. We also offer sign installation services to our clients. In case you already have a sign ready to put up in your store, we provide installation services separately. You can call us anytime and tell our representative how you want your sign to be installed. You don’t have to do the installation by yourself. Our personnel is available to help you and we can guarantee proper NYC sign installation services according to your style.

We give free quotes.


If you are not sure about our prices, don’t hold back. Talk to us and ask about our pricing. You can do that by visiting our official website and clicking the “Get a Quote” button or you can talk to us on the phone. our quotations are free. We make sure that we are disclosing the best price for our clients so you won’t get confused about the expenses you have to pay later on. In our quotation document, we are transparent as to the services we offer and the price we give to our customers.

Call us now and receive a free quotation on our sign installation and custom services.